Bullying Incident In Philadelphia

Did you hear about this? In a terrible torture incident, 7 bullies in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania took 13 year old Nadir Khoury and beat and tortured him for 30 minutes while one of the boys made a video of the whole incident.

During the incident, the boys spent 30 minutes beating on Nadir and at one point hung him from a tree and then by his jacked on a fence, where he hung helpless as they beat him. Finally, after 30 minutes good samaritan jumped out of her car and drove the boy home. Six of the seven boys have been arrested and charged with assault and kidnapping.

It is another terrible incident caught on camera by the attackers, who think that what they are doing is worthy of the terrible video they are making. Hopefully, this time, justice can be done in this case and set a precedent for future bullying cases.

8 thoughts on “Bullying Incident In Philadelphia

  1. I’m not only outraged I’m fed up!! Hats off to the woman who pulled over and saved the boy! We need not to turn our heads to this kind of stuff! They will stop if interveened! Who knows how far these boys were willing to go!! My daughter is Autistic and get’s bullied all the time! I’ve been fighting with the school, the neghborhood kids parents, called the police and if there are no witnesses, guess what they walk away!! Oh and not to mention the countless times I have had to console my daughter because she was hysterical from being harrased & bullied! I’m glad these idiots taped it!! I hope these boys get what they deserve and hope it sets a presedence for other bullies! All I can do is teach my kid how to defend herself, get out of a tough situation and continue campaigning against bullying!

    • That is so pethetic how they won’t do anything about it unless there’s a wittness! When I got bullied there were wittnesses and they still didn’t do anything about it!

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  3. It always amazes me when I hear a kid was bullied by six older and physically bigger classmates, but it does not surprise me. Bullying is an action generally motivated by fear and insecurity. The only way these bullies could feel relevant/important or cool to their cohorts, was to pick on an easier target; a smaller weaker Nadin. I believe teaching kids to understand their emotions is a great way to to preventing bullying before it happens.


  4. It Is Wrong How Parents’ These Days Have No Respect For Their Kids To Just Run Over Other Chidrens’ Lives Like That Cause Other Wise These Kids Are Going To Grow Up Their Whole Life Not Knowing Or Having Any-Thing Better To Do In Life So There-For Teach Your Kids How To Act And Be ThoughtFul Please.. God Bless.. At Least Once.!

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