I Cry (A Personal Story)

Why is it that being different attracts bullies to us? This is one of the series of items that has been studied. I would guess that being different is somehow a threat to a person with a bully personality. It affects their own self-esteem somehow and so they choose to victimize those that are different. Whether it’s a handicap, a race or religion difference, or gender difference, these are catalysts for bullies to use to pick their victims. Akilah talks of this in her story below and also offers solutions that can help. ~Alan Eisenberg

I am a victim of bullying. I have been bullied since the 4th grade up till now. I have been verbally bullied for years. Sometimes the students surrounding me at school and start calling me names and saying things against me. I would be in class or the hallways in school and they come out of nowhere. When student call me names they say” you a man” or “ you should shave that mustache, you man”. And sometimes they would push me in the hallway or just point and laugh. Sometimes I just sit there while they talk about me or just start rumors. Times they would tell their to look under my neck. And when they laugh in my face and then everyone starts talking in my face or behind my back.

When I was first being bullied I just sat there and cried. I would sit there and just picture myself not there. Sometimes I would ignore the students, but sometimes it didn’t work like I thought. I used to run home and cry to my grandmother and aunt everyday. Then I would cry in their arms and soon went into my room and cry my eyes out. Then after all that I would punch and kick my pillow to substitute my anger from my bullies. After being bullied I turned into the state of depression. I sometimes pictured many ways I can commit suicide or hurting myself every single day. Now I’m going to get help regarding my bullying issues.

Bullying is spreading all over the whole U.S and even the world. Bullying has caused many accidents throughout the United States. 15 years old Phoebe Prince took her own life rather than dealing with relentless cyber bullying. Phoebe was harassed in school, Facebook, phone, and in her head. Her death is known as a tragic accident. And now the students remember how words can hurt someone. There was another accident, Alex Morris, junior at Lake Washington. He claims he has been bullied by the same group of peers for years. And the anti-bullying policies at this school did nothing. The peers that bullied him called him names and they damaged his car with charges that summed to $2,500 his sophomore year.

There are many solutions that can end or prevent bullying. First, we all need to learn to recognize the signs of when children are being bullied and is the bully. Second, tell someone how bullying is spreading and why something is wrong. Next, when you see someone being bullied don’t let them fight. Go tell a teacher or administrator. Mr. Aaron Tetelman, Science teacher at Bedford High School said” Bullying makes me feel bad, they should be punished for what they do. Bullying hurts me inside the heart. And I want things to change.” Mr. Aaron Tetelman helped me with a bullying incident this school year. I being told to kill myself and he wrote up the student and ever since the student never talked to me since. Finally. Start an anti-bullying group among students and teachers. We all can make a difference by doing these solutions or even just start a counseling group for the victims of bullying.

~Akilah M.

3 thoughts on “I Cry (A Personal Story)

  1. Dear Akilah,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I cannot imagine the heartache you’ve endured for so many years. Mostly, I thank God that you are still here to tell your story. I hear you when you say there were times you wanted to die.

    I don’t know why God chooses to make some of us different but I do believe the things God has in mind for us are so much better than anything we could possibly imagine for ourselves.

    You now have–inside of you–great potential to help others. You possess an empathy that is hard to come by in this life.

    If those hurtful things still happen, learn to reach out into this big wide world for support and help. There is more good in this world than bad.

    God bless you for your strength and courage.

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