Cyberbullying and Parenting

The New York Times had an excellent article on Cyberbullying and the issues that parents must deal with when talking to their children. I found this article compelling and the real life stories told in it are disturbing, yet true.

The article discusses the difficulty parents have in keeping up with current online technologies that continue to find more aggressive and unique ways to allow bullies to become cyberbullies. As the article describes:

“It is difficult enough to support one’s child through a siege of schoolyard bullying. But the lawlessness of the Internet, its potential for casual, breathtaking cruelty, and its capacity to cloak a bully’s identity all present slippery new challenges to this transitional generation of analog parents.

Desperate to protect their children, parents are floundering even as they scramble to catch up with the technological sophistication of the next generation.”

The article titled “As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-Up”, goes on to tell true stories about cyberbullying online. Click one of the above links to read the article if interested. I found it to be an excellent look at the current trending of cyberbullying.

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