Featured In The Boston Globe

Today, this website and  I was featured in an article on the long-term effects of bullying in the “Boston Globe”. You can see the article here or download a PDF of it by clicking here.

A thank you to Jenna Russell, a compassionate reporter with the Boston Globe who interviewed me over two days.

A world of misery left by bullying – The Boston Globe

5 thoughts on “Featured In The Boston Globe

  1. I was bullied throughout my school years, and informing a teacher would bring further name-calling. In the fifth grade a reading teacher who disliked me called me “Cheeseburger.” My fellow students shortened it to “Cheese,” and I was derided with this nickname until I graduated high school. Often the people who called me this had no idea how the name began, but that didn’t stop them from disrespectfully using it. Today what bothers me more than the bullying I received from others, is that on a few occasions I exhibited bullying behavior toward those who were weaker than me. I apologize for the hurt I caused anyone.

  2. A neglectful father, my mother’s suicide and an older brother who beat and tormented me left me sad, so my classmates called me “mope”. Why do people attack the victims? Are adults really any better?

  3. I agree that victims are just further targets for bullying. this happens because i think the bullies sense the already weakened state of the individual. i feel that as the tormenting becomes more the pain and thoughts of death become more and more as well. this isn’t something that i want to think about because i have had a friend commit suicide because of bullying. i want to spread the word however that bullying has to be stopped. steps have to be taken

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