Thankful for Inspiration

Being that it is Thanksgiving in the United States, I wanted to share that I am thankful for people that help inspire me and others when we need it. As we know and have read, sometimes bullying brings people so low that they start to lose sight of what life CAN be about. As Joel Burns said in his speech about bullying, it can and will get better if you let it.

Sometimes something I see inspires me to realize how great our world is and how inspiring it can be just to live in it. Some years ago I saw a video Matt Harding made. He decided to quit his job and travel the world. Along the way he videotaped himself doing a silly dance in the most exotic places. I can’ t really say why it inspires me. Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s just the free way that he dances, letting life go, with a smile on his face, really enjoying his opportunity to live and be able to do this. Maybe sometimes that’s all we need to be inspired to get out of bed. I hope you enjoy Matt and the world he dances in.

Did you enjoy that? I hope so. Well, if so, Matt wasn’t done. He actually became somewhat famous for doing this. Stride Gum sponsored him to do it again and fans sent him video of their dancing. He was then inspired to invite them to dance with him for his next video. Again, for some reason I also felt this was a wonderful video of people connecting positively around the world.

So I am thankful that Matt made these videos. When he made the first one, I doubt he realized that he would inspire people and bring much needed joy to others. When he made the second one, I think he knew the joy he brought and he was smart enough to share it all in the video. For those celebrating thanksgiving, I hope you find something to inspire you and be thankful for. I know that sometimes this website and blog can be sad to read. I hope this article brought some joy to you and help you in some small way as these videos have done for me.

So I hope you can find some way to be thankful,
be inspired to have hope,
know that there are great things to see out there,
find a way to discover new things,
see the joy in the world around us,
and maybe, when no one is looking, or even if they are,

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