50 Blogs on Bullying Every Teacher Should Read

The Bullying Stories website was featured in a list of “50 Blog Posts on School Bullying That Every Teacher Should Read“. This is a good resource with many other blogs that feature quality articles about the issue of bullying.

Click Here to see the list of 50 Blogs featured.

12 thoughts on “50 Blogs on Bullying Every Teacher Should Read

  1. Incidents of teen bullying seems to be escalating, while some may say that bullying has always been present in society and that it only SEEMS to have increased due to the prevalence of videos, cell phones and media coverage. However the viciousness of the attacks and the often fatal ramifications of the bullying are not at all in question.

    Children are dying at the hands of their bullies, or by their own hand as a consequence of that bullying. Tragically some of these children/teens are encouraged an egged on by a parent to bully and torment another.

    Children who bully often grow up to be adult bullies. They will bully their spouse, their child; they will bully the elderly or the general population.

    The reason why people bully, children in particular, are many; on December 8th and 9th there is going to be a Conference in Manhattan in New York City hosted by Today’s Child Communications Inc. It will be our Sixth Annual Conference to discuss bullying, gang violence, the use of synthetic drugs, the critically low graduation rates and scholastic achievements of our minority children in particular our black youth as well as other issues that are plaguing our minority children, and stopping them from leading healthy productive lives.

    At this conference there will be over 500 participants, which includes numerous experts, and media personalities all there in an attempt to seek viable solutions to these dire issues. This is a conference for everyone and while the foicus is on minority children the fact remains that we are an interconnected community and the SUCCESS or FAILURE of one ultimately affects us all.
    Some of our Conferences Guest will be:
    • U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY);
    • Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League;
    • Ed Lewis, co-founder of Essence Communications;
    • Dr. Adelaide Sanford, former vice chancellor of NYSED’s Board of Regents;
    • Dr. Calvin Butts, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church;
    • Dr. Winston Price, former president of the National Medical Association;
    • NYC Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott;
    • Mike Woods, news reporter for New York’s Fox 5 TV;
    • Egypt Sherrod, radio star for New York’s top-rated WBLS FM 107.5
    • Justine Simmons, co-star of MTV’s top-rated Run’s House.

    I encourage anyone who is a concerned individual to attend. For additional information you can go to http://todays-child.com and to register.

  2. I found this very interesting. It think these blogs hit it right on the money. Bullying is a crude and unnecessary action. Yet, it happens anyway. I really liked these blogs. Good job!

  3. i was getting bullied by thies kids every day i dident want to go to school but when i took a stand to all 6 of them they stoped. that is whats wrong these days we do not stand up for are selfs and that makes us seem to be weak to others and that why most people get picked on

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  5. Pingback: help stop school bullying/rivalry between North Hardin High School and John Hardin High School | andrewritter

  6. As a former victim of female aggression, I believe that it is my duty to help other girls who are being bullied. Therefore, I created a website that describes the female bully, why she bullies, and how to deal with her. The website is geared for young girls, but I also think that parents can use it as a learning resource. Feel free to leave comments on the discussion page.

  7. Bullying affects everybody. And it takes everybody to stop bullying. I belong to a non-profit organization called The humanity project: http://thehumanityproject.com/ and we have developed a program. Anti-bullying through the arts. We take our program to different schools in our county and we focus on the bystanders. They have the power to defend their school fro the bullies. Bullying is not cool anymore!!! It never was!

  8. i am one of those teenagers that have been bullied for many years and wish to end this brutal pain by well thinking of ending my own life, it has been going on since i was the age of 6 and now coming to the age of 15 this crisis which postponed my life does not seem to leave my side, it has followed me through 3 different schools and many trips to lying in my bed at night crying and thinking why me, but after one hard thought i sat here and thought it could be worse…..no it could not!!!. i have been told to take my own life and almost forced to steal for those who i am bullied by, but one thing that it is not because is electronics is is from the painful word called school where not only the people that dislike you try to embrace you but also by the teachers who are there to stop it, they are the main reason from my bullying and after many of years crying for the mercy of them to stop it, they have dismissed the mater and let it slip out of there mind and forget about it all, hopefully one day what you have said in your blog will one true and also one day if i had one wish i would wish to forget the horrors which have been happening for more then half of my life. thank you for your time.

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