The President’s Anti-Bullying Message

The anti-bullying voice can’t get any higher up the chain in the United States as it did yesterday. President Barack Obama gave an anti-bullying message due to the recent suicides in this country. Click the video below to view his message:

7 thoughts on “The President’s Anti-Bullying Message

  1. i use to get bullied infact i still get bullied just because i have striaght A’s and have orange hair it is like being smart is crime or something now when i get piccked on it really hurts and it makes me feel lower than myself when i know i am better than that well i think i am going to help other people and how they feel when they get bullied when more people unite we all can make a differnce

  2. On the Outside

    On the outside looking in
    That’s where I’ve always been
    Through a pane of glass I see
    Many people, just like me
    But not a part of games they play
    Only the object of jokes they play
    Sighing with a wistful glance
    I wish they’d give me a least at chance
    They taunt and tease and run away
    And leave me not knowing what to say
    Standing sadly, I walk away and sigh,
    Why do they want to make me cry?

    In the distance I see a face
    Who doesn’t seem quite happy with her place

    Then my anger turns to doubt
    What is it like for someone………..
    On the inside, looking out?

    AJ LEE

    i wrote this when i was 12 years old. this isn’t about gays, they’re just the new group. if i didn’t write, i was going to find a way to steal my grandparents liquor, and walk downtown to the cherry street bridge, get drunk and throw myself off the edge. the only reason i didn’t is i feared i would be caught. teachers can only help when they’re watching. you can’t tell your parents. yes, i’m 35 now. the fear has never left, nor has the hate.

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