Editorial Bullying Cartoon

by Paul Berge, Q Syndicate

6 thoughts on “Editorial Bullying Cartoon

  1. On November 15th thousands of avatars of children, parents, teachers, celebrities and supporters will make digital history by marching across the web to raise awareness of bullying and ask the government to help protect children from bullying, violence and harassment. If you want to join and make a stand against bullying, go to beatbullying.org/bigmarch, Facebook.com/beatbullying or follow beatbullying on Twitter.

  2. How true. And, unfortunately, it seems as though the US is being perceived, more and more, as a nation of loudmouthed bullies by countries overseas. It always seems as though obnoxious people get all of the press…and that just feeds the fire because bullies love love love attention.

    • How true. And having gone overseas a few years ago, I saw first hand how much there is a belief that the U.S. is a bully nation. Very sad and one we will have to work hard to overcome.

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