Joel Burns Speaks Of Bullying At City Council Meeting

Joel Burns, a City Councilman in Ft. Worth, Texas, takes a brave stand against bullying at a recent meeting. He shares his feelings about what happened to him in his youth and takes an unprecedented personal moment to tell his story to the public. It is worth sharing for a lesson in empathy.

He shares that you are not alone in the pain from bullying and it can get better. Please take a moment to watch and share this empathetic moment. It took great courage to do what Joel chose to do and it can be a lesson to all.


5 thoughts on “Joel Burns Speaks Of Bullying At City Council Meeting

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you will continue to use this as your platform so we can help the victims of cyberbullying! We need to change & make laws to ensure this will help our kids. I don’t understand why our school administrators are not held accountable to protect our kids! I know first hand because we had to withdrawal our daughter from Lake Travis High School due to cyberbullying and an unsafe environment created at the school. She is a witness for the DA in austin who is prosecuting a family who provided over 200 kids alcohol! Our lives would never be the same. Our daughter was a popular kid who was devastated & hurt by the threats, lies, rumors being posted on facebook. This truly has to stop! We are the “lucky” ones because our daughter is still alive. However; she was so upset and in such a dark place that I missed some signs until she broke down and we were able to understand the severety of her pain. Our kids need someone like you to fight & advocate for them. I vowed to do my part and hope & pray you will draw more people to help save our kids. Thank you! Sincerely, Christine

  3. thank u thank u for sharing your story. this bullying epidemic is getting out of hand. i am hurt and heart broken that people are not able to accept people for who they are. their choice on there sexual orientation is non of anyones business but their own. these are kids that are killing themselves!!!! teach your children that there are people that are not all alike but we are all equal! stop teaching your kids poison!

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