Bullies Break Boys Arm Over Activity Choice

In Findlay, Ohio, two bullies broke a middle school boys arm, because he chose to be a male Cheerleader for his school. In a sad case of physically violent bullying, two classmates of Tyler Wilson, an 11 year old middle school boy, bullied him because of his choice of activity at the school.

Tyler knew the risks of joining the Findlay Steelers cheer team, because his mom had warned him that he could be teased. But he didn’t expect physical violence to be the end result. On August 31t, two classmates followed him as he walked home, called him names, and then threw him to the ground and broke his arm.

“They were saying that I was a sissy and a queer and stuff like that,” said Tyler.

According to Tyler’s mother, he at first lied about what happened to him, but once he knew the severity of the injury, he told her the truth and she called the police. His mom said,

“The police officer did warn me. These kids are young, I don’t know for sure if they’ll get prosecuted but in my opinion, because it’s a broken bone, he said, I think the prosecutor will take it a little bit more seriously, he said, I am gonna recommend charges.”

The football players that Tyler cheers for sent him a card in support of what he is doing and he wants to keep doing it, because he loves to jump and tumble and it’s what he wants to do. Plus, it is a job that gets scholarships in college. The police are completing the investigation and could be pressing charges in the future.

Watch the Good Morning America Video

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