Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on Bullying

Yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres spoke passionately on her show about the Bullying epidemic. It’s very powerful. Here’s what she had to say:

3 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on Bullying

  1. I was bullied in highschool not only by students but also by a gym teacher that was very immature and wanted to be ‘liked’ by the students. This was 9th grade. I found that gym teacher not long ago on facebook. I sent her a message. She is a superintendent now believe it or not. I left her a message about how she treated my sister and I and how it made it me feel. The homelife that I had at the time and that I hoped she had grown as a person in the last 20 years or so. She didn’t respond. Not that I expected her to. I was glad to tell her that. She should know. Its important for people to think about their actions.

    • It is a cathartic experience to be able to tell someone that they bullied you and you hope that now they are a better person. It takes a lot of courage to do that and I applaud you. It sounds like you also handled it in a mature manner, another important element to how it should be said. Her being a superintendent doesn’t really surprise me. I have seen some cases where teachers who treat kids poorly end up being moved into administrative positions in the system vs. someone dealing with firing them. It’s another layer of a bigger complex problem with the system and why bullying can continue. Not always the case, but sometimes it is the case.

  2. Because of bullying in elementary school, I wrote “The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse,” an anti-bullying story for children and time to appear during Bullying Prevention Mon th October. And the reviews have been most encouraging. Parents, teachers and grandparents will find it a fun read also. You can get more information at the publisher’s website http://www.pagesofwonder.com/hubler.html.

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