University suicide points to workplace bullying

Here’s an interesting story about workplace bullying. This happened close to home for me at the University of Virginia. It’s a sad story of a man with depression who, if the story is correct, committed suicide after dealing with agressive workplace bullying.

The link to the article is below. I would love to hear feedback on your thoughts about workplace bullying, a subject not discussed much on this site.

University suicide points to nonreponsive employer.

5 thoughts on “University suicide points to workplace bullying

  1. People don’t realize how devastating an abusive workplace can be, until it happens to them. It’s not a weakness on the employee’s part, either.
    We had an abusive supervisor transfered into our department. For a year, a manager was in place who buffered the impact of this man, but then that manager was seconded to another project and replaced by a novice manager. Within four months, three staff members suffered complete breakdowns and went onto workplace medical compensation — one was able to retire, the other two took seven years to recover. One of them collapsed, semiconscious, right at my feet, and was never able to return to the workplace.
    I wasn’t one of them, but I left soon after, taking a drastic financial hit since I was in my late forties. This was ten years ago and I am still angry at the managers who watched this happen, who were approached by the affected staff and myself for weeks before the final meltdown, but who did nothing except make excuses for the offender.
    This disaster must have cost the company and the health system a mint, but the costs were just rolled into our health program and the event was never acknowledged as the psychological disaster it was.
    As I said, you have to see it happen to know the damage that can be done and how quickly it can progress. I recently bought this book “Handling Bullying” and I think there are tips I have been searching for:

  2. I recently attempted suicide after being let go by the (name of firm removed) law firm located in Columbia, SC.

    I was falsely accused, my Christian religion was attacked, cursed at daily, to include threats and discussions regarding my privates, inappropriate and aggressive touching, my vehicle was damaged, personal items stolen, constantly degraded, threats towards my private property, and I lived in constant fear. I contacted the domestic violence shelter and my church (who is a client of the above-referenced) for assistance.

    I did inform the senior AA of the abuse and foul language on approximately four occassions. She simply stated that some people are more colorful than others or shrugged her shoulders. I am informed and believe that other employees requested same and have metadata as strict proof thereof.

    Because these people feel inadequate and unable to fulfill the duties and obligations of their job, they fear being revealed. This fear of exposure borders on paranoia, and the serial bullies are in reality sociopaths.

    (name of firm removed) encourage for serial bullies to aspire, upper management is corrupt, employees are degraded, little hope of job security, disparent treatment, and job expectations were unclear, thus sabatoged and the target victim is terminated.

    Although my life is safe at the moment with the care of others, I still live in constant fear.

  3. I tried accommodating the bullies at NMRS in hopes that the bullies would move on. I asked bullies to stop; I took the bullying; I tried to understand what lousy home lives the bullies must have; and I tried to rise above it. But those tactics don’t stop these dedicated, relentless bullies, even after I was terminated.

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