A Thought About You

As part of the healing process from my early years of bullying, I realized the power of working with those that have had a harder life than me. Here’s an inspirational video that speaks to how we should all value what life has given us, even if it includes bullying. This person is an inspiration to overcoming adversity that can surround us at times.

3 thoughts on “A Thought About You

  1. I was bullied by a sister who was four years older than I was. Her bullying lasted from my birth to about the age of 12 when I was strong enough emotionally and physically to resist. Emotionally I learned not to care how other people felt when they put me down in any way. In not caring, I also created distance from other people. I became skeptical about what people tried to persuade me to believe. While she was bullying me and even into adulthood, she was able to convince family members and neighborhood children that I was inferior. Consequently they would not play or associate with me. As an adult, I am very independent and I have left the cult/religion that my family believes in because they teach false doctrine & false history.

  2. This really made me cry. I wish someone had shown me this when I was younger. Hell, I wish I had seen this two months ago. I may in fact watch it again right now. Thanks for sharing it.

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