It Will Cost You To Bully In Milton, IL

The Milton, Illinois School District has passed an ordinance that will literally cost the bullies and their families. The city is now allowed to collect fines of $100 for first offense and $500 for second offence if you are bullying others.

While these fines are not part of the formal criminal justice system and don’t show up on records, it is the hope of the Milton police and city officials that this will act as a deterrent for first time or repeated offenders. While the school district has also passed tougher anti-bullying policies, hurting bullies and their families in their pocketbooks may help put a bigger stop to bullying.

In June, the Illinois State Senate passed Bill 3266, which actually prohibits bullying of any kind in public and private elementary and secondary schools in the whole state of Illinois. It seems that Illinois is taking the problem very seriously. Only time will tell, though, if these new policies will be effective.

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