Bullies Tattoo Learning Disabled Boy

According to a story covered on the New Hampshire news and reported on the Smoking Gun website, five bullies, four of which are over the age of 18  at the same high school took a 14-year-old learning disabled boy with self-esteem issues and forced him to receive a tattoo so offensive, I won’t repeat it here. The boy, who has been a victim of repeated bullying at school was told by the bullies that they would no longer pick on him if he received the tattoo.

The victim told investigators that one of his assailants warned that “he was going to get the tattoo whether he liked it or not,” and that “he would not be picked on anymore if he got it done.” When the boy asked what would happen if he tried to flee, he was told that he would be caught and beaten up, police reported.

The bullies have been arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal threatening, and tattooing without a license. According to reports, none of the bullies actually knew the victim’s real name and called him “Spiderman”, due to the fact that he wore a Spiderman hat to school one day.

If you want to read the original story that includes the offensive words tattooed on the victim, you can read it at Smoking Gun. This victim now has a permanent tattoo, which is akin to having a permanent scar or burn. It is hard to believe how many stories now include the permanent physical injury or scar of the victim. Below is the news story from the local coverage for more information.

This should be another criminal case that will hopefully set a precedent on these bullying crimes.

4 thoughts on “Bullies Tattoo Learning Disabled Boy

  1. I almost had steam coming out of my ears when I read a UK study in which this woman says bullying is good for kids because it teaches them conflict resolution and adults who intervene are stunting their social growth. Until this cavalier “kids will be kids” attitude is overcome and bullying is address seriously, there will be a slew of more victims carrying their scars,physical and emotional, into adulthood.

    • It still amazes me that we have different rules for kids and adults. If an adult came up and punched you in the face, we call it assault. If kids do it, it’s just kids behaviors and they will “grow out of it”. Unfortunately time does not prove this to be true. They just end up in jail after 18.

    • It is scary to think that they did this to a much younger person. It makes me wonder if this young man thought he was going to be killed to have 18 year olds do this to him. The scars, I imagine run much deeper than the tattoo he now has.

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