A Poem on Workplace Bullying

Although I don’t talk much about workplace bullying on this website, it comes up every once in a while. I came across a poem written on another blog site that I thought was very good on the subject of workplace bullying and could easily transition to schoolyard bullying as well.

I asked the author, Julia, and she has given me permission to reprint her poem on this site. Below is the poem, titled “Alterior Motive?” Having gone through similar work experiences that I haven’t shared on this website, it did ring true to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Alterior Motive?

by Julia

The job description was clear.
You appointed me. I joined your team.
I did as you asked & brought success,
Great success that was envied by others

Suddenly there was a change.
I didn’t understand. What had I done?
I kept trying. Just doing my job
Then the tap was turned – drip
Drip, drip, drip – each comment, drip, look, drip,

When I asked – you said nothing.
You just undermined me everywhere
So that fear took over. I was a mess.
Didn’t want to come in but couldn’t stay at home
Then you sprang!
Wrenched me out of my comfort zone
Put me in a horrible place

At times I couldn’t breathe. I thought I would die
You thought you had won
But I survived though, after a fashion
Time allowed me some perspective
You had not won. I had!
The future for me was success
For you it was despair.