Anti-bullying Law Passed in Massachusetts

Today marks a banner day in Massachusetts for the battle against bullies. The Massachusetts legislation has taken quick action to write and pass a new anti-bullying law that includes cyberspace bullying and also includes recommendations for school employee training and reporting.

The bill is set to help prevent bullying and define bullying as a crime in the hopes that cases like the Phoebe Prince bullying case do not happen again. Given that the bulk of my bullying stories took place in Lexington, MA, I am happy to report that Massachusetts is on the forefront of helping to prevent bullying and ensure that those who are bullies get help to recover from the psychological damage.

Another requirement in the bill is that public and private schools must offer an anti-bullying curriculum. Schools will need to plan and create bullying intervention plans. The bill is expected to be signed by the Massachusetts governor in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “Anti-bullying Law Passed in Massachusetts

  1. Thank God, its about tome bullying is charged as a crime. Its too bad that it takes someone dying to get the message across.

  2. Are our children really that evil that we need to take the responsibility of punishment away from parents and teachers and give it to the police? Who is really responsible for Phoebe Prince’s death: the children who bullied her or the adults that did nothing to stop it?

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