Criminal Arraignment Begins Today for 3 Accused Bullies

Today begins what should be a precedent setting trial in the case of the bullying death of Phoebe Prince. The 3 bullies who are accused of tormenting Phoebe Prince to the point of her taking her own life will be formally charged as adults with felony crimes in her death.

If found guilty of these crimes, this case will send a strong message out that now, the county and state systems will not turn a blind eye to the bully issue. This case sends the messages to parents and the school system that, if they can’t handle their bullying issues themselves, the county and states will.

While this is certainly a case to watch, it also begs the question, do these 3 deserve to have felony records as adults? Are we really helping solve bullying by trying the juveniles in this case as adults and giving them a permanent record that is sure to follow and haunt them the rest of their lives?

It’s certainly a terrible case and I’m sure it will become more terrible as the details continue to be released as the trial gets closer. Already the few details that have been released are terrible and sad.

As is typical, these 3 have already been tried in the court of public opinion. One of the 16-year-old girl’s lawyers, Colin Keefe, is already doing press conferences to try to quell the uproar from the public.

“My client has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion,” Keefe said in a prepared statement. “I will remind you that we are dealing with a young adult, a child really, who is being swept up in circumstances that are beyond normal experiences. The full and true details involving this most unfortunate event has not been made public. When all the details become known, I am certain that my client will be cleared of these charges. . .I ask for patience from the public and the press. One life has been tragically lost. Let us not rush to judgment and harm others,” he said.

As the truth is released on this sad case, we will learn how honest his words are. But for today, the court proceedings start and these young lives will be changed forever, as are Phoebe Prince and her family members.

[More information and interesting article from Fox News]

[Article and Video from Good Morning America]

4 thoughts on “Criminal Arraignment Begins Today for 3 Accused Bullies

  1. These so called children, as the attorney points out, are way more savvy than she is giving them credit for. I work in a high school and kids today are well aware of what they should and shouldn’t do. They hide behind the fact that they are under 18 and it won’t stay on their record or be known once they become adults. I hear it all the time. The thought process behind many teenagers is: Do it now. They can’t hold it against you later. Not enough kids are held accountable for their actions. There is a dead teenager here. She can’t come back. What they did was just as bad as pulling a trigger

  2. I am an adult who never had to deal with bullies until the last 4 years of employment, I lost my job because of these bullies that lied and framed me for rumors. I am trying to fight for unemployment benefits, but cannot convince them I am telling the truth. I have ruined my credit, my phone was disconnected last month, my electricity will be disconnected monday, my rent was due the 1st, I have lost weight because I can’t afford food, my car broke down shortly after I lost my job. Yesterday I received the results of my Appeal Hearing for UI I lost again, I almost committed suicide last night, I don’t know how much more I can take…I spent so much time preparing for that Appeal Hearing and lost. Those bullies destroyed my life.

  3. I don’t think the bullies should go to prison, but I do think they should be required to do community service for at least a year, and the community service should include some kind of activity that will increase empathy and compassion which seems to be woefully lacking in these young adults.

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