Bullying & Gender Non-Conformity

Michael J. Higdon, a professor at The University of Tennessee has written an interesting paper with cited studies and additional information that some may find useful in the battle against bullying.

His paper titled, “To Lynch a Child: Bullying and Gender Non-Conformity in Our Nation’s Schools” discusses many issues around bullying with a focus on some of the more non-traditional thinking. In his abstract, he describes his paper in the following way:

I look at the growing problem of school bullying in America today. Now, almost all children are teased and most will even face at least some form of bullying during their childhood. However, studies reveal that some children will unfortunately become chronic victims of school bullying. Chief among that group are those children whose gender expression is at odds with what society considers “appropriate.” As my article explores, the gender stereotypes that exist within our society are frequently to blame for the more extreme levels of bullying currently being carried out in our nation’s schools. And the impact this bullying has on its victims is staggering. Earlier I mentioned three children who took their own lives as a result of bullying. These are but three examples of those who have lost their lives to gender-based bullying. However, there are countless other victims who, although not paying with their lives, are nonetheless paying dearly in other ways. Specifically, the psychological literature on the emotional impacts that befall these chronic victims of bullying reveals a whole host of resulting problems – debilitating consequences that can last a lifetime.

To read the paper in it’s entirely, click here to open and download the PDF.

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