Bullying in Kindergarten

In my continued quest to find and add resources on my site, I came across another blog created by a parent with young children, one in Kindergarten. She shares her perspective on the issue of bullying at very young ages, to include the beginning of school, Kindergarten.

I wrote about an early bullying incident with 6 year olds, but never really thought young children exhibited true bullying behaviors. Her site talks more about the really early years and has an excellent perspective about trying to nip bullying in the bud as early as possible by working with the children at very young ages.

On her blog she says:

Bullying is just as prevalent in younger grades as it is in older grades, although there is less research surrounding it. There are less programs addressing it. There is much less effort made at stopping it. I can’t understand that.

I believe we need to address the issue BEFORE our children become loners, shooters, bullies, druggies, preppies, jocks, and all of the other groups that aim at stigmatizing and categorizing our children. We need to practice and teach inclusivity. If we could teach them at an early age perhaps it is possible that they could live in a world with less violence. Less segregation. Less anger. Less war.

Loft goals, I know. But doesn’t it all start with how we as humans learn to separate ourselves at an early age. What if we made more effort at teaching our children to work together? What if we made more effort as parents to help our children work together? It would take a lot. Or would it?

An excellent start and point. To read more about solving bullying issues at the earliest of ages, please visit her blog at: http://acceptanceinschools.wordpress.com/

You can also get more information about bullying in Kindergarten by going to the education.com site at: http://www.education.com/reference/article/kindergarten-bullying/

One thought on “Bullying in Kindergarten

  1. Thank you for referencing my site here on your blog. I hope that together as a ‘community’ we can work to end bullying behaviors so prevelent in all aspects of society. I beleive it begins at a early age and I am committed to finding ways to combat it.
    I began a new project called Peace of Sculpture where I am working to unify children and the community through art. You can find out more about it here http://peaceofsculpture.wordpress.com/
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I was bullied myself and could not bear to have my child experience the same things either as a witness, a victim or as a bully.
    I belive that in order for us to become a more peaceful society we must work to help our children know peace.

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