Bullies to Buddies – A Different Approach

In my search to bring you information on solutions to the Bullying issue out there, I stumbled upon “Bullies to Buddies” a site and solution concept developed by Izzy Kalman.  He has a unique and controversial approach to empowering youth to help solve their own bullying problems.

Kalman says about his program that “Bullies to Buddies” is a truly psychological approach to bullying. It teaches people how to stop being bullied on their own, without anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble. To learn more about their program you can go to their website at http://www.bullies2buddies.com.

You can also download their free manuals for your own self help and to learn more at: http://www.bullies2buddies.com/Resources/Download-Free-Manuals. It’s certainly a unique approach that you can investigate further and see if you feel it is right for you. I would believe that depending on both your situation, area laws, and geographical location, you might need to use a different approach with a bullying issue.

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