Who Can You Call For Support

For some reason I never thought to do this before, but I just did a Google search to try to find support phone numbers or emails for bullying.  I figured there had to be many groups or a U.S. Government sponsored hotline to help those in need of support for issues of bullying and school violence.

Well…I gave up after spending about 10 minutes trying to find a group in the United States that I could put here for you to call if need be. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I consider myself a power user when it comes to internet searches. I tried lots of keywords, but no site came up that gave me a phone number or email for support on bullying issues.

I hope that I am wrong and you know of one out there. If so, comment to this post and list it. The true shame is that I don’t believe there is a U.S. HOTLINE out there that deals specifically with bullying issues and has people to help you and others if needed. I would certainly like to see that happen and maybe I just missed it. I hope so.

What set me off on the search was a post that I had read from someone’s blog. It’s a new blog and you can read that post here.  After reading that story, I thought for sure I’d find a hotline number I could offer for people. Well, I didn’t find it. Again, please list one if you know one. If no one knows of one, well maybe it’s time to try to get one started.

One thought on “Who Can You Call For Support

  1. Very good point, i don’t know of maybe number’s you can call that just deal with Bullying issue’s, I will have a search round the net and get back to you if i find any!

    Amy x

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