Florida Mother Fed Up With Bullying

Here’s a story out of Palm Beach County, Florida (still asking why so many bullying stories are coming out of Florida). A mother is fed up with her son being bullied at his school and is threatening to sue the school.

According to a story from the NBC affiliate there, WPTV, the mother says the school is dangerous and something needs to be done about it. The story goes on to say…

6th grader Michael Kalisz may have permanent hearing damage after he was jumped on his way to band class at H.L. Watkins Middle School…

And violent fights continuously break out on school grounds…Witnesses say he was punched so hard he nearly lost consciousness.

“I want to keep my son and all the children at HL Watkins safe,” Kalisz (the boys mother)  said.

“I just don’t want to be afraid anymore,” Michael Kalisz said.

Kalisz says the entire incident was caught on school surveillance video. The problem she alleges there isn’t enough money to hire someone to actually monitor the security video. That is something she is hoping to change.

Certainly something needs to change. Money should not be a factor in the safety of children. If one child is permanently injured or killed due to bullying, what is the price of that? You can’t put a price on it, can you. It is sad that a mother feels she must file a lawsuit in order to have a school or county take action that creates a safe environment for students. Come on, Florida, start to notice that there is an issue and take some action to correct it now, before you pay more in lawsuits than you would have in a program to make bully-free schools.

4 thoughts on “Florida Mother Fed Up With Bullying

  1. Micheal Kalisz went to my school last year and I can’t imagine that happening to him. He also lives next door to my friend. Micheal I wish you all the ver best. We love you Micheal!!!!!!! Feel better.
    Kaytie, Allie, Gianna, Justine, Adam, Summer, And Many More

  2. i am very sorry to here that. At my school we are doing a week all about bullying and how it harms people emotional and physical so i would love to here a response on some ideas you could give that i could share to the 308 students at my school

  3. This is Michael kalisz. i was this child. i didn’t get jumped i got hit and death threats fro other kids im still afraid and i always will be.

  4. don´t worry michael, even thought I do not know you and have never been bullied, I know one day, this will all end, and there will not be any more pain for kids who are smart enough to not be bullies.

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