Big Nose & Black Eye Graphic Novel (Incident 8.5)

A while ago in this blog I wrote about an incident from my childhood called “The Big Nose & Black Eye“. It is an important bullying story from my childhood.

There is a young man who I have known since he was 5 who is an important person in my life. His name is Nate and he is the son of a friend of mine. He and I developed a mentor/mentee bond when he was 8. Unfortunately tragedy struck his family then, when his 9 year old brother was struck by a car and killed. It affected both his family and mine very deeply.

I felt for Nate and we bonded during this time. To take his mind of of his grief, I shared my love of comic books with him and bought him some to start his collection. Over the years, the comic books became our “thing” that we shared together and he also fell in love with escaping into the comic book world as a way to take his mind off things.

But Nate went a step further than me in that he took his two passions, his love of comic books and his artistic talent and combined them to pursue his dream of writing and drawing comics. Nate’s very skilled at this and he enjoys doing “true life” independent comics about both his life and his thoughts. While these don’t look like traditional comics, they capture the rough aspects of life. These kinds of comics were made famous by people like Harvey Pekar through his comic book “American Splendor”, which was made into a movie several years ago.

Big Nose and Black EyeWhy do I mention this? Because Nate recently graduated from Art School and I asked him to draw my story “Big Nose & Black Eye” into comic form. He was gracious enough to do so and allow me to share it with you. I am a fan of this form, because it gives a visual representation of my story. I am happy that Nate was able to do it and find his eye for the story. While not necessarily the way I see it, his interpretation captures much of the fear and brutality that is this story. Click here to see the PDF of the story as a Graphic Novel.

I hope that you find it helpful and please feel free to share it with others. Nate writes a monthly independent comic called “Grixley”. It’s his stories and thoughts and if you are interested in getting that, I can put you in touch with Nate. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this first version of what I hope to be several more Graphic Novel versions of my stories.

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