15-Year-Old Boy Burned in Bully Attack

Did you read about this one yet? This is an unbelievable story out of Florida about 15-year-old Michael Brewer, who was doused with rubbing alcohol by 5 bully youths ages 13 to 15 and then set on fire. This young man’s life will never be the same.

Yes, it’s been on the TODAY show and the news, but does it really sink in? It’s one thing to be taunted. It’s another to be punched or even threatened with a weapon. But, to me, there is not many worse ways to hurt someone severely than with burning. I’m sure there will be all sorts of excuses made by lawyers like, “the boys are too young to understand the nature of what they did”. Well the end truth is that Michael Brewer’s life has been ruined for absolutely no reason and his recover will be painful and lifelong. Over 65 percent of his body has been burned.

His doctor summed it up in an article on the ABC News website.

“Every part of his body is affected…his torso, legs, arms and head. It does look like the burns to his face and hands are not as bad as they could be,” said Namias.

The use of an accelerant means the burn injuries will likely get worse in the coming weeks. “We consider flame burns to be worse that most other types of burns,” the doctor said.

After the attack, when the bullies were caught, the police said they were still laughing about it. I have to ask myself why? The other question that seems to be coming to mind after blogging about this for a while is, why is FLORIDA such a problem state for bullying. So many of the national stories on bullying seem to come from this state. What is going on (or not going on) in Florida that makes the bullying issue worse and why is the legislature not taking any action?

Any Florida folks out there want to respond with your comments about why you think this state in particular continues to have some of the worst bullying stories coming from it. I am certainly interested in hearing why this pattern seems to be happening. Also what do you think should happen to these bullies? So far, it’s been reported that the 13 year old boy is the only one showing remorse. He made a statement to the press today about how sorry he was with his involvement in the attack. What should happen next? I wish Michael a speedy recovery and hope the best for him and his family.

15 thoughts on “15-Year-Old Boy Burned in Bully Attack

  1. ok.. so somewhere i read.. that the schools told there students to write down the names of the bullies and the name of students that pop up alot should all be kept in 1 school… so all the bullies should be in 1 school and leave the other kids to be safe in other schools….. i wish this can be done !!!

  2. if the lawers think that they will get away with saying that these boys were”too young” when they were found laughing after it happened, then they are not only condoning what happened, but they are enabling it to happen again.

  3. i feal sorry for u so those people should suffer by staying in prisson for 500 years so they can ask if they could get out and ley flowers on that boys grave.sad news

  4. that is the most horrible thing i have ever heard in my entire life. i used 2 live in florida and i moved 2 massachusetts and schools in florida dont take a stand against the act of bullying, i didnt really know what bullying was i didnt care, now that ive moved to massachusetts my scool (pioneer valley reigonal school) has programs for anti-bullying. in 7th gr. call the A.B.C’s or anti-bullying consultants n this was a selected group of ppl tht the students in all grades could come and talk to us about seeing bullying, being bullied or even being the bully and everything was confidential, because teachers and adults do not see as much as students do and i truly believe that it helped tremendously

  5. WOW!!!!
    Some people are really stupid!!!
    I wish things like that didnt have to happen… and I also wish that people would have a little bit more of some have common sense…

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