Take the Jaylens Challenge

Through my friends at Bullybust, I came across a brave young man’s website and his challenge to solve bullying.

Jaylen's Challenge

Jaylen's Challenge

His cause and story is one close to my heart. Jaylen is a young man who suffers from Tourette Syndrome and consequently suffers with bullying at school. He bravely has started a website to try to stop bullying in schools by distributing information and educating schools and children.

I sympathize with his story, because one of my son suffers from very mild Tourettes. Although it has not affected him socially, it was a worry for us when he was young and his ticks were more pronounced.  Jaylen’s mission statement says he wants to end childhood bullying. Certainly a lofty goal and one I support for him fully.

You can read all about Jaylen Arnold’s Challenge and maybe help him meet his goal by checking out his website at his website at www.jaylenschallenge.org. Certainly all of us are on the same mission and I wish him great success.

One thought on “Take the Jaylens Challenge

  1. I really like Jaylen’s story because I have been bullied and I HATED it ! really bad . I look up to people like him because he stud up for him and is trying to make a difference with bullying .There is alot of bullying in my school and i hope that changes ! If i could have him come to my middle school to make a difference there would be really cool but, at the time he is only 9 years old and its middle school im talking about. !

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