Vanessa Van Petten and Radical Parenting

Sometimes you find something out that you wish you had known about earlier. Such is the case with my finding out about Vanessa Van Petten. If you are asking “who is she?”, that is exactly what I was saying. But I hope, after you read this blog entry, you will check out her site as well. I am very impressed at her concept and that she has continued to keep it alive.

What Vanessa did was write a book called “You’re Grounded!”.  What’s more interesting is that she wrote it when she was a teenager during a time when she was grounded and stuck at home. She took her anger at her situation and sat down and wrote a teen perspective book about parenting. Pretty smart, I’d say. She also posted several videos to YOUTUBE as well on various parenting subjects. I came across this one on Cyberbullying she had done:

I recently received a comment from one of her teen writers of what is now her website called Radical Parenting. I checked it out and really enjoyed how it’s put together. Vanessa has a staff of teen and tween writers that offer advice to parents from the teen/tween perspective. Hmmmm, somewhat similar to an adult offering bullying advice from an adult perspective.

Anyway, if you think that sounds interesting, check out her website, Radical Parenting, by clicking here. I think you will find it both interesting and also find some good articles about bullying issues there.

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