CBS News Video on Bullying

CBS recently aired a video piece about a new study by doctors. It’s an excellent video that talks about getting more school and parent awareness. One interesting statistic from the study shows that 60% of bullies had one criminal conviction by age 24. More reason to help both the victim and the bully. See the video below. You may have to double click it to see it in YouTube since embedding is turned off:

One thought on “CBS News Video on Bullying

  1. I attended Herricks Middle School between 1979 and 1980. When I was on the school bus I was bullied by Eugene M. Eugene M got his friends to throw things at me, spit at me, and call me names. My parents were in the principal’s office every month complaining and very little was done. I was very angry at the situation. These “kids” should have been thrown off the bus.I had decided to handle this situation myself. I know that bullies are cowards so on the bus I got up walked to the back came face to face with and told them that I will see them in the princpal’s office tomorrow. The next day Eugene M gave in and said I’m not going to bother you anymore.

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