Cyberbullying Statistics Tell The Story

In a 2008 Survey of 2,000 middle-school students from a large school district in the U.S., findings show that approximately 17.6% of middle-schoolers have experienced cyberbulling of some type. The survey by Sameer Hinduga and Justin W. Patchin reveals some facts about how many of our youth have experienced cyberbulling.

Cyberbullying Statistics

Other statistics from this report show that almost 10% of these middle-schoolers have recently experienced some form of cyberbullying. Cyberbulling as defined by Hinduga and Patchin for this survey is:

Cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through email or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like.

There are many other statistical findings from their survey and they have also written a book on the subject. You can visit their website at to learn more about this survey and the book they wrote on the subject.

6 thoughts on “Cyberbullying Statistics Tell The Story

  1. i think that people who get bullied and cry about it probly need to harden up if there not going to tell someone!

  2. thtas why kids should wait to use online chat rooms as a matter of fact they shouldnt even have one and if they choose to they need to make their decisions more wisely

  3. I was once cyberbullied and i learned to live with it. If you’re nice to them theyll be nice to you. So just dont be annoying to them and they wont moan and groan at you.

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