Ryan Halligan Frontline Video

The story of the tragic death of Ryan Halligan was presented on the PBS program Frontline. Below is the video segment from the show.

4 thoughts on “Ryan Halligan Frontline Video

  1. People don’t see the pain they inflict. They think nothing of it because they’re too busy being entertained. It’s sad how people take it to the nex level. I honestly hope the people who bullied Ryan reailzed what they’ve done.

  2. His dad came to my school today and I must say that I felt some real sympathy for him. I tried to hold back the tears that I so despertly wanted to shed. Ryan’s death was tragic and I think that the assembaly today at our school opened up alot of kids eyes to realize that weather you see it of not the things that you say can inflict pain on others.

  3. All bullies out there should STOP and try putting themselves in the one that’s being bullied shoes.
    Imagine being humiliated 24/7!!! If I met Ryan, I would instantly love him!! If I were only there to help him!!! May you rest in peace RYAN..I LOVE YOU!!!<3

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