Don’t Judge A Book…Here’s Susan Boyle

Remember the story of Paul Potts that appeared on this blog in October of 2007. Well, funny enough, the Brits have done it again on their Britain’s Got Talent program. This time, Susan Boyle entered the stage. Just like on America’s Got Talent, unknown British folk come out and do their thing to try to win the contest.

Susan Boyle a, a 47 year old woman who claims to have never been kissed or married came out to cat calls and laughs from both the audience and judges. What were they laughing at? Well, Susan Boyle is not the most attractive of people. She doesn’t have movie star looks and wears somewhat frumpy clothes. One can only imagine the ridicule she took in the past and what she deals with now. But, amazingly, she seems to take it all in stride and has a confidence that seems out of place with what she was dealing with.

So, out she comes on stage to perform. Here’s the video of what happened next.

The level of bravery and confidence to come out and do what she did around the people who were laughing at her was admirable. Watching it hits an emotional cord. If not, you should ask yourself if you are  really living. This is now the 2nd time that Britain has seen this type of person come out. One that would be marked the loser, the wimp, the shlub. Call it what you want, but this type of event certainly shows that people can rise above the ridicule of others to bravely do what they do best.

Her mistaken walk-off at the end is ironic in that she probably felt like she showed them and was ready to exit. Thank you Susan Boyle for proving that you can conquor the doubters and bullies.

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