Stars Fred Durst & Miley Cyrus Talk About Their Days of Being Bullied

Marc Malkin wrote an excellent article in the E! Online site about Fred Durst and Miley Cyrus and their days of being bullied as kids. To me, getting people who are famous and considered cool to talk about how they experienced the same bullying as many of us helps to heal the pain and keep many people, particularly younger kids who look up to these stars, remembering they are not alone.

In the article, Durst is quoted as saying:

“I got beat up all the time in high school. . .I was the underdog. All of my angst comes from that in my life.”

Miley Cyrus, one of the largest teen idol stars of recent years said in her autobiography Miles to Go:

. . .that she was tormented by real-life mean girls in sixth grade who stole her books and locked her in the school bathroom.

Fred Durst and Miley Cyrus

Fred Durst and Miley Cyrus

Durst goes on to talk about how he quit Limp Bizkit because he felt their music was fueling bullies to go out and pick on other kids. That is both sad and scary that he feels it is possible that his music was a conduit to bully violence. In true fashion to what this whole blog is about, I applaud Fred and Miley for telling their stories and think that more people in the spotlight should continue to tell their stories to help others understand the issue.

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