The Billy Wolfe Story on TODAY

Back in March, I posted on Billy Wolfe and the fight that his family was dealing with at the school system in his hometown. It is a controversial case, because many kids and parents say he is the bully. This video piece below, which was featured on the “TODAY” show continues the story, with Matt Lauer interviewing the family.

2 thoughts on “The Billy Wolfe Story on TODAY

  1. I am very familiar with this school district as our son endured harassment, minor assaults and blatant discrimination under the same administration over a decade ago. On December 2, 1996 he was assaulted by over 6 high school boys during lunch break and this was vicious. He lost a kidney and numerous facial, skull fractures. He was 16. This was not due to perception of being gay, our son did identify as gay. Then as time passed, the cops finally arrested two of those identified during class at school later that week. The school knew who was involved and yet took no action until arrests were made. Instead of suing, we decided to file a federal complaint with Office For
    Civil Rights that our son’s title lX and fourteenth amendment rights were violated. Two years later after a federal investigation, this district had to agree to change or loose federal funding as our son’s rights were violated. Title lX does not say who the perpetrator’s gender or sexual orientation is nor the victims. It is about a hostile learning environment.

  2. I was bullied, in High School. It was very formative to my mindset. Cynical, scheming, vindictive. Those that try to harm others implicitly and explicitly should take care. I have no conniptions, as an adult, in destroying your life, and ability to make a living.

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