Anti-Bullying Video from the UK

Here’s a well done video that someone who has been bullied from the UK put on YouTube. I thought it appropriate for this site.

One thought on “Anti-Bullying Video from the UK

  1. I too linked to this video on my anti-bullying website (as well as to the Ryan Halligan site).

    Since you seem interested in the long term effects of bullying, you might be interested in reading my short story “Pride’s Prison,” which was published on a free access internet zine. (You can access it from my website.) This is very much the story’s theme.

    I have bookmarked your site to link to at some point in the future. Some people must find my story and site interesting as I now have over 50,000 hits. The primary focus of my site is school bullying and not the specific reasons why I “caught it” then. If a child is being gratuitously tormented in school, then I don’t give a damn what the reasons are.

    Thank you for your continued efforts within our cause.

    Best wishes,

    Don Schneider

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