Home Schooling and Bullying

I just read a powerful post on another blog which brought up a good question. Do you pull your child out of public school if the bullying issue gets so brutal that you have lost your trust in the public school system to help?

You can read the post that lead me to this question by clicking here. I found myself wanting to side with this mother who is feeling this way. At the same time I realize that this will not solve the bullying problem, just take another child out of the system that the bullies can attack. We shouldn’t feel like we have to pull our kids out of the school system, because of the bullies. But how? Put your comments below and share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Home Schooling and Bullying

  1. I have two boys age 12 and 15. The 15 year old has special needs yet well-behaved and has endured enough abuse to last a lifetime. After 6 years, I had gathered enough evidence to prove it. In lieu of a lawsuit, he was placed in a private special needs school to the tune of 100,000 a year. He is thriving. Yet, unnecessary if they had just dealt with the bullying, and not condone it by being silent.
    My 12 year old is dyslexic and I saw them going down the same road and I decided to homeschool him instead of putting us all through the ordeal. I have been able to address the dyslexia one on one and he is also thriving.
    We only go through life once. I made the right decision for OUR family because it is MY family. I am the expert in what my children need because I have put in the time and effort to raise them.

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