What Happens in Las Vegas, New Mexico Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

My friend Ken forwarded me an article from Sports Illustrated.com that is incredibly disturbing. It’s the story of six high school football players in Las Vegas, New Mexico who were accused of sodomizing six rookie teammates with a broomstick during their training camp, while the coaches pretended not to know this was happening.

The article goes on to say:

The scandal unfolded at a four-day, mid-August preseason training camp in the mountains west ofVegas, a predominantly Hispanic, once-booming Old West town 60 miles from Santa Fe, now known for its stately Victorian homes.

According to state police reports, a group of juniors assaulted several younger teammates over two days, holding the victims down while a broomstick was forced into their rectums over their athletic shorts.

Police did not find out about it from school officials; instead, a state police officer whose son is on the team learned of the allegations through his wife, a camp volunteer.

The alleged ringleader was expelled from school. The others — some of them veteran members of the highly successful team — were suspended through the end of the school year. The six victims returned to the team.

According to a state police report, an assistant coach told the other coaches during training camp “that some sort of hazing incident involving broomsticks was happening.” Another coach walked into a cabin to see “a player on his stomach on the ground, with his legs spread open,” while a teammate held a broomstick, the police report said. The coach told the players to “cut it out” and the group broke up.

Romero said the coaches believed they had intervened in time to stop a hazing incident. But “as our investigation has unfolded, we learned that it had already happened,” the superintendent said.

That afternoon, according to the police report, head coach Ray Woods called the players together and told them that if any hazing was going on, it needed to stop.

When Woods asked if anyone had been violated, one 15-year-old player raised his hand. But before the boy could elaborate, other players began making jokes, the report said. Several coaches told investigators that because of the laughter from the players, they didn’t believe the allegations were serious and took no further action.

So when does this end. This isn’t a right of passage. This isn’t something they’ll grow out of. This is violent sodomization equivilant to rape. The boys who had this done to them won’t forget about it or grow up to forget it. You can read the article at: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/highschool/09/23/hazing.high.ap/index.html

This is bullying and adults in particular need to stop it from happening when they are aware of it.

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