Freedom from Bullies Week – October 19-25, 2008

The Human Resources community has put together a “Freedom from Bullies Week for 2008 from October 19-25th! This is for workplace bully issues as defined as:

Bullying comes in many forms but normally involves any repeated behavior meant to intimidate, humiliate or degrade another individual. A few examples of behavior that may be considered bullying are alienating or isolating an employee, harassing or intimidating an employee, or providing an employee with unreasonable or impossible work assignments, as well as any form of verbal abuse such as name calling, etc. If the offending behavior is pervasive enough to be considered threatening, intimidating and creating an environment full of hostility, the employer must take into consideration the potential for hostile work environment harassment claims or claims of constructive discharge when employees quit.

If you can and are involved in HR in your company, please promote this week of reflection and understanding of this underlying problem in the workplace.

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