The Florida Cheerleader Beating Case

Did you catch this story about eight kids kidnapping and beating a girl in Florida, while taping it and putting it on YouTube?

While flipping channels last night, I caught this on Nancy Grace. As bad as the Billy Wolfe story is, this story deals with true criminal behavior and bullying at one of the worst levels.

It seems that 6 Cheerleader girls lured another girl to a house. Two boys, one over 18 blocked the exits while the other girls beat on this girl while videotaping the whole thing. Then they put it up at, of course, YouTube.

Now they are going to be charged with several felonies, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, and battery. Another disgusting story about bullying behavior that needs to be taken care of with severe punishments for the bullies. Agreed?

4 thoughts on “The Florida Cheerleader Beating Case

  1. I am a 31 year old woman and I still remember a day when I was 14 and the same sort of thing happened to me. i will never forget or forgive the people who brutaly beat me to the point that I blacked out. It was the summer of 1991 and I had recently moved to a new town on the opposite side of the country. I didn’t know anyone and had met a very nice guy and we begane to talk on the phone and such. I was a kid and was very naive. I was unaware that a bully in my neighbourhood was involved with this boy and a girl who I had met and became friends with invited me to her house where the boy and two of his friends and his girlfriend and 5 of her friends plus the girl I thought was my friend beat me. All of them. I was so scarred and have never been in a fight before and I was afraid it was going to be worst for me if I fought back. So I took it. While they all encouraged eachother. I tryed not to show fear and tryed to defend myself with words. The latest news of the Florida teen who was beated in a very similar mannor brought back alot of memories. It hurt me so much to see that girl because I know first hand how she is feeling. It takes time to recover from something like that and the physical scars are gone long before the emotional scars. My heart and thoughts go out to Victoria and her family. One thing is for sure….this is not the fault of youtube…or myspace like alot of people are saying…my incident happened in 1991, long before the internet. People…we need to put blame where blame belongs.

  2. Those that bully should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as adults if the facts and circumstances support that. Such as their ages, level of violence, past violence or criminal record. School administrators are often as bad as the kids. Siding with popular students or those whose parents are powerful of known politically or socially. If school officials are negligent in protecting students they should face criminal and civil charges as well as termination and losing any teaching credentials.

  3. My son had a bully he stand up for him self, and got a beat down with trauma in his head an eye etc. School staff and officer were agains the victim (my son) he was prosecuted and he was guilty (disorderly conduct). The bully admit he plan the whole thing and executed. Officer and staff of school knew, don’t do nothing, they applaused this action, I hope there a law soon about this kids(bully). That was a good thing they record it, that way people can see what really going on in school today. Nobody do anything until it happen to you…

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