Tami McCandlish’s Triumph

I am happy to let you know that Tami McCandlish has put together and launched her non-profit organization to help people deal with the issue of female bullying. As Tami says on her new Triumph Organzation site:

Triumph is devoted to dealing with female bullying, also known as relational aggression, a form of abuse that occurs when people, primarily girls and women, use relationships to emotionally and psychologically hurt a targeted individual. Relational aggression is carried out by using indirect tactics such as alliance building, rumors and gossip, exclusion, betrayal, blackmail, silent treatments, eye-rolling and dirty looks, name-calling, mean laughs, manipulation, intimidation, cyber-bullying, and other covert behaviors.

Triumph is dedicated to igniting positive social relationships among girls and women while diminishing and extinguishing indirect aggression. Triumph aids victims in overcoming relational wounds, empowers bystanders to stand up against relational bullying, and helps aggressors realize their behaviors and channel their destructive emotions and actions into productive outlets. This is accomplished through awareness, education, and tools that promote healthy communication and competition.

Triumph believes that every girl and woman is worthy of a healthy, safe, and encouraging social environment that allows personal and professional growth. From children and teenagers to stay-at-home mothers and career-oriented women, all females deserve to establish social solidity through self-security as well as boundaries that protect against emotional and psychological damage.

In many ways, I find that Tami and I are cut from the same cloth when it comes to our feelings and issues on bullying. Tami has taken the time to post to this blog and correspond with me on the issue.

Flying GroundedFor those of you that haven’t heard of Tami yet, she is making a name for herself as an expert on the issue of female bullying through the publishing of her book “Flying Grounded“. Much like I’m doing in this blog, Tami tells her story in her book on her terms and with emotion and understanding. Tami is really trying to make a difference and help people. I hope you will take a look at Tami’s information and, buy the book if you want. You can  check out more about Tami at her “myspace page” as well.

I find Tami’s message to be inspiring to those suffering from the long-term effects of bullying on them, particularly those who have dealt with female bullies as she describes. Good luck, Tami, and as always, let me know how I can help.

One thought on “Tami McCandlish’s Triumph

  1. A~ You’re awesome my friend! Thank you for your generous and genuine comments. Your hard work will pay off by touching so many lives. Please let me know how I can be of help to you too!

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