How’s the Documentary Going?

Someone at work the other day asked me how my progress on the documentary film on bullying was coming.

“Well”, I said, “I started the blog back about 6 months ago now and really have just started to see progress on that.”

Not a very good answer, no doubt. The truth is I have been thinking quite a bit about the documentary movie lately and how important it really is to me to make it. I also want to make sure I do it right and cover the things I feel are important. That is proving to be more of a challenge then I ever thought.

My goals are not only to tell my own story, but to also track down some of the bullies from my past. This will more than likely have to involve a private detective or people finding company, which equals $$$. Nothing’s free, right? I also want to get as many interviews captured as possible, particularly with some of the people mentioned in this blog and current well-known celebrities and public figures. Why do I want these folks? I feel their stories will be paid attention to by those they influence. The truth is, while I think my story is compelling, people don’t know me. Get Brad Pitt to tell his story and I think people will listen more closely (and yes, I have heard he has a story to tell).

So, I’m really hoping through this blog to get the attention of some of these people and/or people that know some of these people to make contact with them and film them for the documentary. I’ll take any help I can and isn’t that what this social networking phenomenon is about. I heard yesterday that the new Apple iPod commercial was made by an 18 year old who put it on YouTube. So, my hope is that, if that can happen, maybe this little blog here will get noticed by some people that can help make my documentary dream a reality.

I have the filming equipment. I have the film crew. I don’t have the travel, logistics, and marketing dollars yet to make it happen. I also don’t have all the interviews with the people lined up. Can you help? If so, shoot me a comment or email. My game plan is to film next Spring/Summer if I can get it together. Thanks for reading.

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