The Halligan Story on ABC

ABC News did a piece several months ago that discussed bullying behaviors and told the Ryan Halligan story through the words of John Halligan, his father. Thanks to YOU TUBE, it can be seen by those of us that didn’t catch the original broadcast. Please take some time to watch this powerful piece.

2 thoughts on “The Halligan Story on ABC

  1. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth re: the Scared Straight technique. I remember those programs and documentaries from 20-30 years ago. I thought they were crap then and still feel that way. It’s easy to see they don’t work as their popularity quickly faded. I think people initially watched just for the shock value. The kids didn’t benefit and it seemed like the programs were designed more for the ex-cons and other assorted goons who seemed to really get off on terrorizing the kids. It was an endorsed form of bullying on a very public scale, all in an effort to turn these boys into ‘real men.’ Now it all seems so very dated and antiquated.

  2. i feel terrible for this boy. i was never really bullied but my friends have taunted me just kidding around and i kno how bad it felt. the pain this boy felt must have been unbearable

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