The Halligan’s Crusade

A few months ago, I posted the story of Ryan Halligan. On Monday, John Halligan, Ryan’s father, had a story about him published in the Poughkeepsie Journal. John is taking Ryan’s story to middle schools in a crusade to help it from happening to others.

“I want every bystander to make a commitment to not stand by and let bullying happen,” Halligan said.

…”From now on, when we see things happen, we won’t just stand around; we’ll say something,” Ashley Haviland, 12 said.

That’s right, Mr. Halligan. As we saw with the Pink Shirt Gang a few months ago, the bystanders can make a difference. I believe that it would be a big difference if more people would stand up and support those who need it the most.

2 thoughts on “The Halligan’s Crusade

  1. The Halligan family is making great success in the fight against bullying. I commend them!

    I am also in on the fight. I have just released a book, Flying Grounded: My Spiritual Triumph Over Female Bullying. If anyone is interested, it can found at

    or at any other online bookstore.

    I am also the founder and president of The Triumph Organization, which is dedicated to dealing with female bullying. If anyone is motivated to help me take action against relational aggression, please get in touch with me at

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