Take That Bullies…Here’s Paul Potts

Unfortunately I don’t live in Britain, because I missed seeing Paul Potts rise above his low self-confidence to win “Britain’s Got Talent”, with his masterful operatic voice. In this clip from the show, Paul admits that his lack of self-confidence prevented him from finding his dream. He admits that bullies added to this lack of self-confidence, but that his singing helped him escape from those bad times. Check out this amazing clip of Paul:

What an amazing story.  If you enjoyed that, you can see Paul win the whole contest here. I wish you the best of luck in your bright future, Paul Potts.

3 thoughts on “Take That Bullies…Here’s Paul Potts

  1. I grew up just like Paul. I was bullied and I turned to singing and I have an opera voice just like him but I have a little less talent than he does.

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  3. I bought his first album and it was worth every penny, I can’t wait to get the second, I was bullied similar to Paul, in a horrific way, it’s good to see him beating his past, in the manner he is.

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