I Fear “Kid Nation”

OK, so tonight is the premiere of “Kid Nation” on CBS. Maybe you’ve already heard of this new “reality” show, because already there are complaints from the parents who have put their kid on the show that their kids were mistreated.

I’m not sure that surprises me, but what I’m afraid of is what CBS is going to show about kids bullying kids! Have you heard the concept of the show? Basically they stick a bunch of kids in a mock old west town and let them fend for themselves, with no adult supervision (except, of course for the cameramen and producers).

I have no idea what the show will look like yet, but I am betting we’ll see bullying, cliques, and childish behavior with no adults to teach any lessons. I have visions of “Lord of the Flies” with pigs heads on sticks, etc. I cringed when I read that book and I’m betting this show will make us cringe as well. If you tune in, send me the “bully” moments and we’ll track them on the blog. I fear the damage this show is going to do to the cause.

3 thoughts on “I Fear “Kid Nation”

  1. I think you’re absolutely right. The premise of this show is disgusting. It’s like Lord of the Flies, but with no redemption. At the end of that book/film, the antics only stopped once an adult was present. In any environment like this, certain people (adults or children) will emerge as “leaders”, others will simply want to control the situation — the bullies, and others who are simply sensitive or quiet will be victimized, psychologically sacrificed in a way — so those bullies can manufacture some kind of bogus authority and challenge the natural leaders. It’s exploitive and sickening.

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  3. OK. So I watched Kid Nation last night. The worst part of it was they showed them cutting off Chicken’s heads. Not much in the way of bullying necessarily, just some child abuse issues to deal with.

    So it continues for the next weeks ahead. I really don’t see much point in the show. It’s just another staged reality show with kids. There were some “bully” moments at the town council, but nothing dramatic. It could even be said the show is downright boring. Anyone else watching it?

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