Giving Bullies the Boston Boot

I found a well researched and written article from a blogger that goes by BOSTONBOOTGIRL. In the article BBG talks about the ani-bully law that cannot get passed.

Florida legislature has failed to pass the significant anti-bully law that would clearly define what bullying is and what can be done about it. This law, perhaps one of the best written, would protect school children and school employees from bully behavior and harassment on school property, including busses, and over the internet. The bill would also not be misconstrued to limit anyone’s fundamental First Amendment Rights.

I’m not sure why it didn’t pass. Is it because some lawmakers think schools can handle bullying just fine on their own? Do they think bullying is just harmless schoolyard teasing?

She goes on to write of her own experiences with bullying, just as I am trying to do here.

 The bullying started when 2 fellow students, both boys (we all were no more than 7) beat me up not more than a half mile from my home. One threatened to bash my skull in with a rock as the other boy held me down. He was talked out of it by the other boy so they “wouldn’t get in trouble.” I don’t recall ever talking to these two boys, but knew they were in my 5th grade class. My mother was horrified that two boys would do this to a small girl.

After that day, my parents tried to talk to their parents, only to be told “boys will be boys” and there was nothing they could do. The school also did nothing. From there I entered 6th grade and middle school, where it escalated to an unbearable, daily barrage of verbal and physical assaults from most of my classmates. Most of the kids were afraid of the two boys and they had a lot of tough friends who saw to it I remained a target. My grades suffered tremendously. I cared nothing for my appearance and alternated between wanted to disappear or die.

It’s a very powerful story and I hope you will visit her site to read the rest. There’s also some great statistics from the FBI on bullies and the damage they cause. Click the link above to read the rest of her article. Thanks BOSTONBOOTGIRL for the great article and your honesty in writing it.

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