Teacher Accused of 30 Years of Bullying

Here’s quite a disturbing story out of Atlanta, GA. A group of parents are claiming that they have uncovered evidence that a teacher has been bullying students at a middle school in Atlanta for the past 30 years. WSBT in Atlanta reported on the story on May 29th you can click the link and read and see the video of the story.

This story made me recall a teacher I had in 7th grade (what is it about middle school)? He was my art teacher. The one thing that always seemed to go well for me was that teachers liked me. I guess I was a bit of a teacher’s pet, but that was probably because the kids picked on me and I looked to them to help protect me.

7th grade was the penultimate year for bullying for me. But, this art teacher chose to pick on me and give me bad grades and had no reason for it. Art is subjective, right? I loved doing art and always did my assignments to the best of my abilities. This teacher would degrade me in front of class and then give me terrible grades for work I had completed as accurately as possible. It was public and it was humiliating.

Of course, I never reported him. So, if you don’t believe a teacher could get away with this for 30 years, I’m betting they can, because most of the cases were probably never reported. Has a teacher ever bullied you? Add to this thread. I’m wondering if more ex-students will report on this teacher now that the issue is public.

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