Bullies, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You!

I hear the song now.

“Bullies, bullies, whatcha gonna do. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

It’s the new theme song to the reality TV show “Bully Cops”. No, it’s not currently in production, but it could be as the United Kingdom creates a new police patrol that is set to crack down on bullying and violence. Now, I don’t know why, but when I do bully searches on the internet, it seems like the majority of stories come out of England. I have certainly heard stories of terrible bullying in England, and it seems to be getting worse.

Maybe a police patrol is a good idea.  But not everyone is happy with it.

Some children’s charities object to the idea, claiming that it “criminalises” children for minor incidents. In recent months, an 11-year-old boy spent three hours in a police cell after he brandished a plastic toy gun at a schoolmate.

But Mr Brown believes the benefits outweigh the concerns and is keen to expand pilot schemes, rolling the idea out across the country. He points to the fact that the Youth Justice Board has found that those schools that have drafted in police officers have prevented an average of 40 incidents per year.

Now maybe that’s a start, but what continues to bother me about many of these articles is the lack of “next step” thinking. Yes, police will help. But the kids who are bullies and the kids who are bullied need support programs to help them cope mentally as well. They need to be talked to and programs need to be created that try to stop bullying, not just bust the bullies.

How are we teaching adults to talk to children about bullying? What support programs are being offered to families who need to cope with a child’s physical and mental injuries from bullying? I am finding few articles that deal with these issues.

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