The Ultimate Bullies

Today I was thinking about my step-grandmother, Eva, who lives in Israel. She survived the Holocaust and as I thought about her, I thought about the fact that she survived the ultimate bullies, the Nazis.

While the pain of my bully experiences are real and still with me, it’s hard for me to believe and understand how people who were put in concentration camps, lost all their families and then were denied the ability to return to their homes live normal lives today. Eva’s story is special to me and I thought it important to share in this forum.Deathmarch

The Nazi’s came into her village in Hungary and rounded up all the Jewish people. Then, they tied them together in a line with rope and started a “death march” of these jews to a concentration camp. Eva was bound with a woman she believes was in her 60s. At some point in the march, they came upon a town and an inn. The woman told the Nazi soldiers that she needed to use the restroom and that the girl “Eva” also needed to use the restroom. The Nazi’s let them use the restroom in the inn.

When they got into the restroom, the old woman blocked the door and told Eva to go out the window. She did and escaped to the underground where she finally arrived in Israel. Eva was 12 years old at the time. She never saw her family again.

That, to me, is the ultimate bully story. I still have many more stories to tell about my experience, but none as evil as the Nazi era and the Holocaust. How did these people survive with their wits. It amazes me to this day.

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