A Bully’s Punishment

Is this an example of bullying the bully?

“At first, I wanted her to put, ‘Bullying can be a deadly situation (on the poster),’ ” Spann said, citing the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres, both perpetrated by young people who reportedly had suffered repeated bullying.

sbully17afdb_400.jpgI’m not sure I agree with the tactics chosen here, because in some ways, it feels like the humiliation that the bully in this situation is put through may help her or it may just fuel her to be more mad and take it out on someone. I didn’t see in the story where this person is getting any professional help or being talked to after this action.

I feel like there should be more on this story and that the girl bully would need quite a bit of professional follow-up to make sure that the effects of this mothers actions aren’t just another form of bullying.

2 thoughts on “A Bully’s Punishment

  1. That would suck but her moms punishment will definately teach her not to do it again. One of the best ways to punish is through humiliation (not like that but i mean like when ur mom kisses u in front of the school bc you talked back to her)…..

  2. I think this is a disgraceful punishment. She should have been made to apologize to her victims at school and ordered to clean the classrooms and the schoolyard for a week.

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