Bullying & The Massacre at VA Tech

I am a 1990 graduate of Virginia Tech and I still stay involved in the campus and alumni organizations at Virginia Tech. The recent shootings at VA Tech continue to fuel the debate about bullying. The Ezine Blog does a good job of summarizing the issues, the biggest one being gun control.

But, on the subject of bullying, I’m on the fence about how that plays into the story. Although there are stories of classroom ridicule, it seems to me that Mr. Cho was more classified as an invisible person that no one took much notice of. It seems that mental illness may be a bigger issue for him than bullying, although I don’t underestimate the possible violent reaction that someone being bullied might decide to take.

As for gun control, that is one of the toughest topics in the United States. For example, why do we have so many gun violence issues and Canada doesn’t? Why is that, when both countries allow for gun ownership?

Bowling for Columbine

Movies like “Bowling for Columbine” debate this issue, but of course have a bias. I think that some true research is needed, so we can see how all of these decisions affect our psychological well-being.

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